1. Students and parents are welcome to come and meet the director, teachers and have a tour of the school before they start their lessons or registration. Please CONTACT US to make an appointment.
  2. Students may not attend any Musical Arts Academy (MAA) classes until registration has been completed.
  3. Registration fee is not refundable.

  4. Private lessons missed due to a teacher's absence or cancellation will be made up in the next available time slot mutually agreed with the student. Option of a substitute teacher is also available for any instrument.
  5. In the case of cancellation of a private lesson by a student a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to qualify for a make up lesson. For notification please contact our office or your teacher directly.
  6. In the case of late arrival by a student the teacher is not obligated to extend the lesson beyond the scheduled time.
  7. There is no makeup classes for the group lessons.
  8. Makeup for chamber group sessions has to be negotiated within the group and the group instructor. In case of absence of one member of the group rescheduling of the session is not required.
  9. Music for toddlers does not offer any makeup or refund for the missed classes.
  10. Any lesson or makeup classes cannot be held at student's or teacher's homes or any other locations except at MAA.
  11. To respect student's and teacher's time and effort cell phones, blackberries and iphones must be turned off during the lesson time.
  12. We are pleased to provide students with a clean environment and quality instruments. There is no food or drinks allowed inside the studios. Please feel free to use our kitchen.
  13. Students have a right to purchase only one trail lesson with no obligation to sign up.
  14. Students have a right to withdraw from the lessons upon giving the academy two weeks notice. Remaining payment will be refunded in full. Registration fee is non refundable. There are no taxes on the music lessons.
  15. MAA has right to change a schedule or cancel classes due to insufficient enrolments. Refunds will be issued in full in those cases.
  16. MAA has limited parking. Please do not park on the RESERVED spots.
  • Musical Arts Academy appreciates your understanding and cooperation.