Piano_lesson We offer group classes in theory, harmony, ear training, music history and choir.


Our theory classes are based on Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) syllabus. The group classes are small in size to ensure that every student receives individual attention during every class as well as accomplishing some group work and writing exercises. For those who are not taking RCM examinations a knowledge of theory complements and accelerates the student's progress.
Monday Beginner/Elementary
Saturday Intermediate/Advanced
Group class price: $25


Harmony is a deeper understanding of the music theory which involves a knowledge about chords and chord progression, melody writing and modulation. The classes are for students who are looking for accomplishing grade 5 RCM examination as well as for those who are interested in writing or composing their own music.


This class is for beginner and elementary students. Ear training helps to develop strong musical skills like rhythm, recognition of intervals by listening and melody play back. Also this class helps to prepare the student for "Ear Test" which is a part of RCM examination starting from preparatory to grade 10. Teachers will meet individual needs of each student during every class.


This class is for elementary, advanced and adult students. Students will learn the history of music from medieval times to the 21st century. Classes are held in the form of lecture that explains about music styles, musical forms, biographies of composers, and musical instruments through the centuries. There will be a different topic during every lecture which is not related to the previous lecture. Feel free to attend at any time.


We invite all interested students of varied vocal talents and abilities. Students will learn how to sing in a group, sight read music and improve individually.


Musical Arts Academy provides dance classes for young students, helping them to develop musicality and a strong rhythmical sense through body movements. There are two levels of classes which take place on Wednesday at 4 P.M. for children aged 4 to 6 and 5 P.M. for children aged 7 to 10.
The price for an hour-long class is $25.