Luigi Albanese , piano theory

Luigi began his musical education in Italy at the age of 8 and continued to study through high school, participating and excelling in many different piano competitions and activities at the local and state level.

After graduating high school, Luigi continued to study music at the renowned Luisa D’Annunzio Conservatory of Music in Pescara, Italy.

Luigi is passionate about giving his students the tools they need to become independent musicians. He believes in teaching students the language of music so they can fluently speak it on their own and increase their repertoire. Luigi strives to have each student achieve their personal goals, whether it be to play for enjoyment, or to make piano their career.

Luigi believes that piano lessons should be a part of every child's curriculum, and that the benefits are immeasurable. Pianists are able to read a universal language, and are able learn and play whatever sort of music they love in order to express their individual style. Students are encouraged to find where their passion lies-- whether it be with classical, jazz, blues, movie themes, popular music, or even all of the above.

With Luigi’s teaching style, students not only learn music theory and musicianship, they also learn important skills such as self-discipline.